In a Proper Strop!

I’m in a proper strop with myself this weekend.  I’m not used to not being able to do everything and I’m struggling just now.
Before I went back to work, I’d got in to a nice routine – getting up early, doing some exercise, either strength training or power walking, doing a bit of housework, watching some quizzes on TV, and cooking healthy meals, and I felt good, and was getting stronger by the day, sleeping properly and generally happy.
But being back at work has completely floored me.  I’m shattered, especially now I’ve finished the phased return and am back full time.  I’m not doing any exercise, and I’m eating crap, and feel crap.  
Now I do know it’s going to get better, but it is so frustrating, and I’m feeling really fed up about it all.
But time to think positively!  I know I’m not ready to run yet, but the strength training was really helping – I’ve noticed my leg is a lot more painful since I’ve stopped, so I need to get back to doing that regularly.  

And I need to get back to eating healthily – so I’m going for a kick start!  This is my next three weeks.

  • No sweets
  • No cake
  • No chips
  • No white bread
  • No fast food
  • No chocolate
  • No ice cream
  • No crisps

I’ve made a nice big salad for lunch tomorrow, I have brown bread ready for my breakfast, and I have enough quick, healthy meals I can fall back on to get me through the next week.   They need to be quick so that I can do my exercises when I get in from work, and still eat before it gets too late.  
This is the plan anyway………


4 thoughts on “In a Proper Strop!

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. I know it’s not the same, but i felt a bit defeated when i went back to work after maternity leave and couldn’t get into a routine where i was doing everything I needed and wanted to do. It takes time and I’m still working on it too. So, congratulate yourself for where you are now and everything else will fall into place.

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    • Thank you 😊 Different reasons for being off – but still the same battle getting back to it! I do need to remember how far I’ve come and be happy about that – and I will be, I also find the more exercise I do, and the healthier I eat, the more positive I am – so good all round if I start getting back into a routine.

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  2. Sound like you have a good plan for the week! It is always difficult when your routine changes. It is good that you have recognised it quickly and are making changes – nice one!

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